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Very fine works by Paul (Pol) Dom have already been auctioned for a few auctions. Beautiful works of Paris, his wife, daughter and himself, among others, attract a lot of attention and the bidding is fierce among enthusiasts. Also this auction we have a nice selection of works that will be auctioned. Have fun bidding again!

About the artist: (source: wikipedia &

Pol Dom was born on June 4, 1885 in Antwerp. He trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in his native city. Because the art climate in the Netherlands was more open and progressive than in Belgium, he lived between 1908 and 1910 in the artists' village of Laren in North Holland.

There he met the artist Betsy van Gelder, who was looking for a painting and drawing teacher. After their marriage they settled in Brussels in 1910, where their daughter Elise was born three years later. In the same year they returned to the Netherlands.

After first living in Bussum, Laren and Rijswijk, the family settled in Scheveningen in 1927. In 1936 Pol Dom received Dutch nationality. That year his wife died unexpectedly. After the war he married Flora van Dam.

Dom took an active part in the artist's life in The Hague. He was a member of the Haagse Pulchri Studio and the Haagse Kunstkring and his work was exhibited there. He was also a member of the artists' association Sint Lucas in Amsterdam, where his work was included in an exhibition in 1932 at the Stedelijk Museum. In 1939 he contributed to the New York World's Fair.

His work as an illustrator and binding designer can be seen in the well-known children's books Kruimeltje from 1923 by Chris van Abkoude, and De Kameleon (1949) by Hotze de Roos. Dom illustrated hundreds of books, mostly children's books, between 1917 and 1956.

Pol Dom died in The Hague on February 21, 1978.

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